Now you can use Trello without wasting time.

Take a look:

If you'd like to boost your productivity like you see above, I've got some good news.

Hi, my name is Aaron and that's a clip of Armando, a Power-Up I built to increase your speed and efficiency in Trello.


There are two main ways: First of all, it makes you fast. And Secondly, it lets you skip steps that waste your time.

When I say "fast", here's what I mean (click the links to see examples):

If you perform these actions thousands of times, it means you'll save countless hours. But if that's not enough for you, there's a way you can be even faster.

Remember when I said Armando lets you skip steps? Well here's how:

You can create your own shortcuts.

Just tie a common task(s) to a combination of keys you select, then open Armando and press those keys.

Here are some examples:

Now imagine how much time you could save with custom shortcuts for more complex tasks, like say, applying multiple filters.

And if that doesn't convince you, here are:

5 more benefits you'll get from Armando:

  1. Instant search

    Search all your boards instantly with every keypress (thousands of cards in less than 1/10th of a second). You won't wait while your results load from a server (they're stored locally).

  2. Learns what you want

    It prioritizes the results you select the most, so the more you use it, the faster it gets.

  3. Handles typos

    It uses fuzzy matching, so you'll spend less time retyping things because of minor mistakes.

  4. Doesn't require a mouse

    The keyboard works for everything, so you won't have to stop what your're doing to reach for the mouse.

  5. Doesn't require an install

    It's a Trello Power-Up that runs in your browser, which means there's no install and it works on all your devices.

If you're still interested, sign up below to get updates on Armando's development, early access, and a spot in the beta.